Getting involved with the research study: Invitation to secondary school teachers

Have you been using physical computing in secondary school for at least 2 years?  

Your experiences will contribute to a new body of knowledge about physical computing in schools, with the capacity to help other teachers and inform further educational research.  

What does taking part involve? 

Teachers will be interviewed three times over a 3-5 week period, with each interview session lasting about 45 minutes. We want to find out more about how your experiences as a teacher have shaped the adoption of physical computing in school, so each session will take a different focus: 

  1. Pathways that led to physical computing in school today 
  2. Descriptions of physical computing in school 
  3. Reflecting on the meaning of physical computing in school 

How can I find out more?

Register your interest on the link above and I’ll be in touch with more information.

In the meantime, please do email me with any specific questions at: 

Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels

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