From Leeds to #Rio2016 with Codebug

We used Codebug as a means to share local sporting  stories but the purpose was to explore possibilities using servos with maker projects.

Moreover, the process of adding additional servo outputs and with them project complexities.

Drum beats and robot waves were the starting point for some creative problem solving when initially tackling the code and wiring.

Step by step instructions from one of the learning activities proved invaluable until the point of adding the second servo, and then the serious debugging kicked in : )

Link to Waving Codebug activity

Starting simply with code to turn about 90˚ and with short pauses led to a Nicola Adams’ themed build.


Although the wiring still needs a tidy up:

From that grew triathlon-esque levels of complexity with decisions about servos as the most appropriate method to rotate 360˚.

No, but another couple of disciplines to recreate a Brownlee challenge meant no hold-ups in those transition stages.  Until next time!


And did we learn anything else to add to next projects and plans?

Of course.  Servo motion control with the device lends itself to numerous applications using Codebug.

Catapult contraptions à la Rube Goldberg await, although we’ve vowed not to test out prototypes in the vicinity of the cat again 😦


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