Hull Raspberry Jam 23 April 2016

Our next event will be in June or July and it’s that commitment from the Raspberry Jam community in Hull that has epitomised an excitement and support through Raspberry Pi and computing.

Look out for a link to the Eventbrite page (or @HullRaspJam) and also for updates on projects and commitments launched today.

We can’t wait to see how ‘Hedgehog Watch’ develops after a lady joined us to find out how those around her get so excited about Pi possibilities, and went on to scope a project herself.

It also seems like there’s lots of interest in setting skyward ambitions from the city after hearing about one particular astro teddy!

Today’s Raspberry Jam was instigated by this family robot project, which we saw in all it’s flashing LED glory during our Pi-share time:

Robotic inspiration from Jon and examples of other digital making projects from the group also led to over 30 of us using those ideas and possibilities during workshop activities.

Getting to grips with Raspberry Pi soon progressed to game making with ScratchMinecraft hacks using Python and then a focus on what we could learn from Tim Peake using our own SenseHats.

With a diverse group including novices to programming, developers, students, game makers, teachers and families, then the expertise within the spaces soon became apparent and shared.

Minecraft builds
Sensing colour
Learning with sensors –  click image for video link
Next steps with sensors

Back up to Space with Dave sharing his school’s project after attending the Skycademy training, launching their own project and then inspiring others at the Jam:

Plans, launch and follow up from Queen Margaret’s School Pi in the Sky project

Want to know where teddy landed?  Check here:

With grateful thanks to Malet Lambert School, as such supportive hosts, we also had a Makerspace to share other projects and activities to try.

Super Awesome Sylvia‘s Colorbot brought out a Spring themed robot painted creation for some of our younger members.

Sakura Season
Family collaborations

Here are a couple of our younger digital creators who were also our lucky prize winners today.

Check out the next date for a Raspberry Jam in Hull and we’ll see what they’ve been exploring : )

Coming back with more ideas using Pi

Thanks to everyone who came along today and helped to make this happen.

Amazing teamwork 🙂

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