Creating a Looney Tunes ‘PhotoBomb PhotoBooth’ with Raspberry Pi (and a few nervous moments)

Why we did it:

We decided to stand by Ahmed.  Simple.

The story of the clock, the arrest, and the resulting online discussions proved poignant when working to support MakerEd in education.

What we did:

This collaboration started with an extended group of like-minded adults from the Raspberry Pi community, which then grew to include a school community.  So the intended project outcomes changed accordingly.

Positivity out of the story?  Probably more creativity.

We took a Looney Tunes digital storytelling angle and looked at how Wile E Coyote’s TNT exploits could ever have a cheery finale.  And that’s when the photobombing opportunity came about.

Note that we only ever supported the next generation to design and create a suitable container for the Raspberry Pi.  We never described it as a 4 letter word beginning with b…..because it wasn’t.

How we did it:

Magnetic trigger on the plunger to trigger the camera after 10 seconds
Themed masks for the 5 second interlude between shots 🙂
Canon photo printer and a Python script
Group smile, please

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