Exploring recycled treasure at Scrap Leeds

I managed to pop into the Scrap Leeds Creative Reuse Art Project in Farsley this week, having heard so much about their amazing projects and space in the city.

Wow, what a treasure trove for creatives and makers!

Annual membership £6/year

Now that I’ve got my membership I’ll be popping back again soon to join the community making use and reuse of recycled materials at home, in schools, across the city and through workshops at the space.

I got the chance to take a peek at the fantastic Tinker Lab upstairs. A host of MakerEd projects are ever evolving and I really wanted to explore the robotics art projects on display.

Robot Art
Tinker Lab
Artistic Iterations

Now always on the lookout to extend a Maker library, I’m probably late to hear about Rusty the Squeaky Robot and the resulting adventures at a faraway planet.

Rusty the (Yorkshire) Rusty Robot

I’ve proudly come away with the book about Rusty who was designed and created in Leeds.  We’ll be checking out the games and the storytelling from the accompanying app too.  A true Yorkshire robot!


With a bagful of treasure, a headful of ideas and a bucket load of enthusiasm I came away from Scrap Leeds seeing again how the Maker community continues to grow and create such a buzz around the city.

George & Mildred: Camels in Residence

Link to full photo gallery from my visit here

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