Leeds Raspberry Jam – 7th October 2015

We had our first regular Raspberry Jam in Leeds this week, which was kindly hosted by our friends at Swallow Hill Community College in Armley.  The full calendar’s here with links to the (free) ticket pages for each monthly Jam.

2015 - 3

Together we spent a little time exploring what we all wanted to learn and what we could share with other Raspberry Pi enthusiasts (and wannabe Pi-Pioneers) over the coming months.

Between us we were shared our questions, experiences and learning intentions. That ranged from wanting to know what a Raspberry Pi was, through learning more programming with Python and wanting to grapple with a project focused on the principles of the Internet of Things.


Some of us had definite plans for specific projects like this weather station in a balloon below and (not wishing to show bias, but….) my personal favourite:

“I want to make a biscuit thief detector with the Raspberry Pi, motion sensor, breadboard and wires I have”


We’ll be encouraging more people from the community, and beyond, to Jam with us as we move through the calendar and use the time and space in true Raspberry Jam fashion to encourage collaboration and share the excitement of Raspberry Pi possibilities.

Anybody and everybody can join us, as and when.  Just grab a ticket and let us know you’re joining the fun.  You can bring along your own Raspberry Pi or come along and use one of ours for the first time.


This week we got started with our Raspberry Pi project kits and together started to invent new games and hack others’ using Scratch and Python.

As a group of enthusiasts from the Raspberry Pi community, school (Y4 upwards), university, librarians, parents of children with an interest in what’s going on, teachers, school supporters & educators, friends with technical and computing backgrounds…….we were all able to throw something into the ideas pot.

2015 - 1
We also wanted to show some of our own projects in a really informal way, and now have our ‘Raspberry Hi’ share slot courtesy of Katharine’s new snappy name.

Now we he have got Leeds in our name but it was great to welcome Jammers from across the city and also Wakey, Cleckhuddersfax and York.  There I go again with the localisms……

2015 - 8
Here’s Ivan, our current youngest Jammer, showing us what he’d learnt through the Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft.  The lightbulb moment of realising and sharing plans to rebuild and create enormous structures with a little help from Python!

2015 - 17

Our own Geek Gran, Anne, joined us to talk about her learning journey with Python and Raspberry Pi HATs and to share her activities through Code Club.  

She’s also blogged about the Leeds Jam here.

2015 - 6

And there’s always got to be a robot roundup to see what’s happening in Roboworld!

2015 - 14

We’re looking at fun with Pi-Cams next month, and learning about what’s possible with photography projects in our hands-on part of the evening.  We’ll also get to see the time-lapse examples already taken by some in the group including a journey from Leeds to Spain and the nocturnal adventures of the fox and the……I won’t spoil the ending.  We might even borrow the Looney Tunes photo booth from a group of students currently creating in another city.

Fancy coming along and joining us on 4th November?

Usual place – Swallow Hill Community College in Armley

Usual time – 6 – 8pm (come along at 5.30 and you can help me set up!)

Usual date – first Wednesday of the month

See you then 🙂

Grab a ticket here 

Jam in Leeds poster
Next Jam 4th Nov: Click the image for a ticket link
Link to full photo gallery here.

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