Ey up. A reight Yorkshire Day multi-player version of t’ wavy wire wi’ t’ Codebug?

It’s a tricky situation being the only Lancastrian in a Yorkshire household on 1st August.  Actually, a day of restraint and moments of lip biting so as not to become entangled and ignite the War of the Roses series.

So what better strategy than to beat them challenge them with their own Yorkshire rose?  Of course I’d have to make sure it was the right way up.  Again, so as not to ignite previous stand-offs.

2 leaves at the top?
A challenge fitting of Yorkshire Day celebrations to throw down the gauntlet with suitably bias proportions?

Better to stick to what I know best.  Take a computing challenge directly to them and altogether; better to test them collectively.

Multi-play wavy wire
And if I played it right, and gently nudged the rivalry enough to get a reaction, could I even get them to make the challenge for themselves? Not forgetting there are more of them.

Steady hand activity guide
Fortunately they took the bait early on, having already tinkered with Codebug, and accepted the White Rose Challenge:

  • 3 players, 3 Codebugs, one winner


Parameters set by Team Yorkshire?

“We’re only doing it if the rose is the right way up”.

FullSizeRenderWho won?

It’s an on-going battle.  Sorry, a series 🙂

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