How do you solve a problem like Ada?

A glimpse into an Ada Lovelace inspired day during a Transition Week for Y6 students.  Poetic science and the obvious focus on progression of programming through algorithmic design.

Challenges were created by the students themselves, who quickly discovered wearable tech possibilities using Codebug as their programmable device.


Which direction did they take to use wearables as a communication gadget as well as a decorative piece?  It varied according to each pair.

Projects included a supportive transition focus, a music message board, a ‘feel good factor’ message, sporting themes and even an Earth Emoji Indicator (invention of the day!)

Designing, Creating & Racing

Group work then gave opportunities for further problem solving as the children turned detective to design their own treasure hunt.  Storytelling paved the way to create their own interactive games and share their challenges with peers.

Resources or tools available to the children?  Scratch, Cannybots and Blue-Bot as a starter for 10.

And how about the poetic science?  For some, imaginations went into overdrive with the possibilities opened up using electric paint.

Injecting a creative science element into their literacy work inspired a small group to investigate and use their circuit skills to develop handwritten projects.

For others, it was the workshop extending circus skills that did the same job 🙂


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